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Woodroffe Sawmill is your solution source for custom built pallets, crates, and lumber.  Our skilled craftsmen and engineers have the expertise available to design pallets and crates to your exact specifications.  Give us a call today to discuss what we can build for you!
Custom Wood Pallets

We've been building pallets for commercial and industrial use since 1970.  Our automated Viking and Rayco nailing machines quickly and efficiently build a broad range of pallet sizes.  We are experienced constructing pallets for use in the food industry, tires, machine parts, munitions, and all types of manufacturing.  Our pallets are constructed primarily with native hardwoods, but can be made with other woods upon request. 

Custom Wood Crates
Our custom crates and boxes are built by highly skilled craftsmen to meet your exact specifications. No crate is too large or to small and can be heat-treated in compliance with ISPM-15 for international shipment.
Cut Lumber
We buy our logs from loggers around the Midwest and primarily get native hardwoods: oak and cottonwood with occasional walnut, cherry, hickory and other varieties. We cut lumber to your specifications and can also plane your boards upon request. 

We sell cut-blocks of firewood and also have bulk scrap-firewood.  Call us for pricing and availability.

Sawdust, bark, mulch, wood shavings

Our mulch is made from pure tree bark free from fillers and excess dirt.  We sell it by the cubic foot and allow you to load it yourselves or we can load it for you.


Sawdust has many valuable agricultural uses. Our sawdust is the very fine by-product of the sawing process and ours is loaded directly into your truck or wagon. 


Our pure wood shavings are put directly into bags and sealed. Shavings are ideal for horse and animal bedding and provide excellent insulation in the cold weather.




Archer Oil


We are dealers for Archer Oil; contact us for current pricing and availability.


Taylor Wood Stoves


Wood stoves are an excellent and economical way to heat your home or office buildings. Call us today for more details!


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